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Antifouling System      

Our COPRON MGPS system is designed to combat the harmful effects of macro fouling in seawater circuits. Using copper and aluminium/iron anodes (depending on material of pipes). COPRON offers complete protection against the growth of mussels, limpets etc. in the seawater lines.

Galvanic corrosion can often occur  as a result of the use of copper anodes. For this reason the Copron system installs one aluminium anode for each copper anode, to prevent such corrosive activities.

How the system operates

copro_1.jpgCopron operates by dissolving copper and aluminium/iron ions into the seawater in the seachest. This action is created by the current  generated by  the electric panel and supplied to the anodes. The copper ions combat macro fouling and the aluminium/iron ions act against corrosion. Only a small copper concentration (less than 2ppb)  is required for the system to be effective.


The system consists of 3 parts:

  • Electric cabinet (located in engine room);
  • Copper anodes (located in seachests and filters);
  • Aluminium/iron anodes (located in seachests and filters).

COPRON installation diagram


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