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Ecolcell bts®

ECOLCELL® BT's - Ballast Water Management

ecolcellbts.jpgACG designed a system suitable for Ballast Water Management (BWM).
It is called “ECOCELL® BTs”, it is a simple plant, based on electrochlorination in situ, sure and easy to manage. It handles the total elimination of marine micro and macro organisms and all pathogenic kinds which live in the ballast water and the mud of ballast tank bottom. With the system "ECOLCELL® BTs" it is possible to realize an accurate disinfection of ballast water dosing opportunely the quantity of Sodium hypochlorite produced by the system.  Sodium hypochlorite (produced without any chemicals) will be injected in the ballast water during ballasting, or performing, at empty ballast tanks, a pre-injection before the flood or, as the last task, when the partial flood has been completed.
In any case it must be carried out a de-chlorination before discharging out board the ballast waters, to be sure that big volumes of water are sterile and not polluting and therefore they can be safely discharged into roadstead, ports or along the shores.

ECOLCELL® BTs” has a low ecological impact,  it is harmless to whole sea kinds and at the same time it has an effective power of disinfection.


  •  Modular design, skid or wall mounted. 
  •  Planned for heavy duty operation. 
  •  High level of automation for operator. 
  •  No corrosion to the ballast system. 
  •  Flexible, highly efficient disinfection system. 
  •  Fully automated. 
  •  Safe for the environment and no danger for crew. 
  •  Can be implemented in new ships as well as to retrofit.

“ECOLCELL® BTs" models

MODEL Total volume of ballast water to be  treated (m3) Electrical power (approx)
3xPhase - AC - KVA
Approx dimensions
(L*W*H) meter
ECOLCELL BTs 5000 5.000 m3 da 35 a 42 KVA 6*2*2.5
ECOLCELL BTs 7500 7.500 m3 da 52 a 62 KVA 6*2*2.5
ECOLCELL BTs 10000 10.000 m3 da 79 a 94 KVA 6*2*2.5
ECOLCELL BTs 13000 13.000 m3 da 105 a 126 KVA 6*2*2.5
ECOLCELL BTs 15000 15.000 m3 da 110 a 132 KVA 7*2*3
ECOLCELL BTs 21000 21.000 m3 da 132 a 158 KVA 7*2*3
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