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swimm_3a.jpgAzienda Chimica Genovese, the world-leading manufacturer and developer of antifouling system since 1947 introduces the advanced ECOL-UltraSonic. The use of ultrasound is an innovative and advanced method for protecting main cooling circuits and sea chest from marine fouling using low power, high frequency sound waves to destroy algae and prevent weed and shell growth.

ECOL-UltraSonic is unique, with an advance Ultrasound Generator that works at proper frequencies which have been carefully designed to discourage of destroy the majority of bio-fouling organism at unicellular level.

ACG Produces:

Extensively researched and developed, the ECOL-UltraSonic may be used with great performance in a wide variety of sea conditions and ship types
has been designed for an easy installation and engineered to achieve a high level of protection from marine fouling.
ECOL-UltraSonic was independently tested and proven be highly successful in severe sea waters.

Advantages :

Why you should choose the ECOL-UltraSonic:

Easy to install
No holes to be made in the sea chest
No holes to be made in the filters
No pipelines
Maintenance free
3 year warranty

How it works

ECOL-UltraSonic system works through the emission of low powered, ultrasonic frequencies generated by a radio unit, by means of transducer which are in direct contact with the exterior of sea chest and the main piping of the ship.
The main crossover or the top of sea chest acts as an antenna that carries the sound waves creating an environment where water molecules implode killing unwanted marine species.
At the same time the part in contact with the sea water resound preventing thereby the primary settlement of any marine micro species.
You shall be doing your part for the environment since there are no residual of chemicals associated with this application of preventative antifouling. It is also completely harmless to humans, fish and marine mammals.
As final result the growth of cellular structures of algae is prevented and other living organism are affected and trey cannot survive.
Azienda Chimica Genovese provides a tailor made design service for super yachts, cruise ships and military vessels requiring multiple transducers.

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