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ECOL-UV, UV Sterilizer

ECOL-UV, UV Sterilizer     

The ever stricter rules for industrial production, the increased interest and the evolution of resistant strains of bacteria have resulted in the effective application of alternative treatment methods like UV treatment.
ACG offers complete UV Sterilizer for high-tech industries such as pharmaceutical, chemical, semiconductor, soft drinks, water, operators of drinking water, offshore platforms.
On the other hand, the low-cost domestic systems have solved problems related to water quality for individual users for many years.
ACG manufactures and sells UV disinfection systems at low pressure, medium pressure. ACG also offers special UV Systems, designed to meet the needs of the individual client  or to resolve more complex problems related to disinfection.


 ACG Produces:

  • Aquacultural Pharmaceuticacal manufacturing industry   
  • Swimming pools and leisure industries     
  • Ultraviolet technology is widely used in many industrial sectors, including:
  • Drinkable water    
  • Trans-oceanic Ships (drinking water) production     
  • Industry of mineral water    
  • Desulfuration of oil and water mixing combined with Ozone-O3


Advantages :

  • UV does not alter the taste, the smell, the color or the pH of the  water
  • UV does not require addition of chemicals
  • UV does not release by-products into the water
  • UV systems are compact and easy installation
  • UV systems require low maintenance
  • Usage costs are less than a domestic light bulb


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