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Ecolcell sw offshore ®

Offshore Electrochlorination Package (ECP)




ECOLCELL® SW OFFSHORE  ECP system is an Antifouling System designed for offshore application , suitable  for newbuilding, refurbishment or retrofit.

It can be installed on: Fixed platforms, Compliant towers, Semi-submersible platform, Jack-up drilling rigs, Drillship, Spar platforms, Normally unmanned installations (NUI), FPSO, FSO,FLRSU.


ECOLCELL® SW OFFSHORE controls marine/organic growth in the fire fighting circuits and in the cooling water circuits, producing in situ, on demand, the active chlorine to be injected directly into the water line.

It’s compact, very easy for retrofit, supplied on a shelter or on open skid for a safe installation.

It’s suitable for installation in safe and hazardous area- zone 1/2. Generators and power supply can be EExd 2G IICT6 certified, if requested.


ECOLCELL® SW OFFSHORE  capacities range: from 2kg/hr to 140kg/hr.

All systems are completely engineered , produced and tested ( in accordance with QA protocols)  by ACG , in order to meet all customer  requirements and to support clients at erection and commissioning.

ACG operates according to FEED ( Front-End Engineering Design).


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