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Ecolcell Brine: 能够生产消毒液的装置用于消除硬质表面Covid-19 病毒

在这艰难时期,抗击Covid-19疫情的需要,意大利ACG公司能够积极支持当地政府抗疫依靠70多年来生产和销售设备现场生产浓度 5000 – 10000 ppm的次氯酸钠溶液。 

世界卫生组织WHO已经确认次氯酸钠,浓度在 5000 and 10000 ppm时,作为消毒液用于硬质表面杀死Covid-19 病毒。意大利ACG公司,感觉作为 “国家的一份子” , 注意到市场上次氯酸钠消毒液的稀缺,国内市场上供应的缓慢也是因为物流人员和运输的减少导致,我们公司能够提供现场生产的设备,或者提供次氯酸钠溶液桶装20升或大桶1000升,产品和包装在公司新的总部热那亚前Centrale del Latte。
生产设备,进行工作时,只需要电,水和厨房用的食盐,就可以生产所需要的消毒液产品。 操作生产设备不需要专业人员,经过我们培训几个小时之后就可以操作了。

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Our new website is online!

ACG renews its graphic image with a professional, clear and intuitive website for the user. This work was made possible thanks to the help of Sinergica, a Genoa-based communication agency that has been operating in the advertising sector for over 40 years. You can access the information in a few steps: the contents are comprehensive and accessible through the world of ACG. Our new site is adapted for a computer, tablet and smartphone. This goal, which required a year of hard work, is part of a wider project of restyling in our marketing and communication image.

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