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Thanks to customized monthly reports (LOGSHEET), ACG’s After Sales Department can keep the conditions of your installed systems on board under control.

ACG offers a free-of-charge Logsheet evaluation service for each supplied system, and we will inform you about the condition and performance of your systems.

In case of malfunctioning, we will alert you and provide assistance until the issue is resolved.

Please send the LOGSHEET reports to every month, and we will be glad to respond with our comments and advice.

Receive LOGSHEET by filling out the below form

To get your customized LOGSHEET form, insert below different informations of your vessel (as vessel name, hull number or system serial number that you find easily on the nameplate of elec. cabinet).

Insert your e-mail address and choose with dropdown the interested LOGSHEET file to fill in.

You will receive immediately an email with required LOGSHEET in a zip file.

Logsheet Form