Azienda Chimica Genovese

ACG is one of the world’s most important manufacturers of equipment for the shipping industry, with offices and agents across the globe.

One of the most important operators in its sector, it offers solutions to marine fouling problems (which cause considerable problems in pipes through which sea water runs) and helps control hull corrosion in an ecological, environmentally-friendly manner.

It was the world’s first company to develop anti-fouling treatment systems; indeed the first cells were called “Doldi cells”, after their inventor.


We fight fouling and corrosion

We have been supplying solutions to marine fouling and hull corrosion problems for over 70 years. Our products are designed in Italy by a specialised team of engineers, who offer the customer reliable, customised solutions, with service continuity and respect for the environment.

An efficient after sales assistance centre guarantees customers the security of a prompt service.


Solutions for all areas of application

ACG systems have a whole range of uses in industrial sectors such as shipbuilding, Oil & Gas, water treatment and all systems that use sea water in their supply and cooling circuits


“Research should always seek results that are useful to humanity” Alessandro Doldi



“I set up Azienda Chimica Genovese in 1945 for the production of sodium hypochlorite” Alessandro Doldi, Ricordi di un tecnico


The Quality Policy

Research and development

For our company, research and development of new applications and new products that improve the efficiency of the associated processes and allow saving of labour and resources in all areas of intended use is an essential value. The company R&D team also uses important cooperation projects with university research centres and national and international scientific institutes.

Technological innovation

These cornerstones of our activity have been the same since 1947 and we pursue them with perseverance and tenacity to achieve the goal we have set ourselves. At our company, a team of specialists works on constant system innovation, to guarantee the customer high-quality products.

The search for new markets

For ACG, the search for new markets is not just making ourselves known worldwide, but also studying and proposing innovative products and solutions that satisfy the needs of all types of customer.

Customer satisfaction

We have been putting the customer first for over 70 years. Our philosophy is to follow the customer in every step, from preparation of the bid to design based on their requirements, followed by the after sales service up to the end of the natural lifetime of our systems. Each action must satisfy a demand or solve a problem of the customer. It is a long-term relationship based on mutual trust and esteem.

Service quality

ACG offers reliable and secure systems that ensure service continuity and respect for the environment; products that satisfy the customer’s needs and intended use with an efficient after sales assistance service.

Organisational development

Our organisational department is a small but great team of people who work tirelessly and enthusiastically, taking ideas from every small action and every new situation, through the combined talent of our collaborators. The company organisation aims to satisfy not only the customer, but also the internal staff.

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