Custom projects to satisfy our customers' requirements



Remote monitoring and assistance for all our systems



We are an international company, with systems installed throughout the world



Highly specialised personnel at the service of our customers


Our highly experienced and professional team follows the customer in all after sales phases.

Our priority is to supply efficient answers to complex problems, guaranteeing a prompt service that keeps the problems and costs for the customer at a minimum.

Availability of technicians at all major ports and shipyards worldwide 98%
High-quality interventions 80%
Prompt response and organisation of interventions 90%
Continual customer support 95%
availability of original spare parts 98%

Customized systems

ACG offers all its customers its acknowledged experience in the shipping, oil & gas and industrial sectors, with global projects that satisfy any technical specifications. We can provide a FEED (Front End Engineering Design) service to support the project from its early stages right through to the after sales period. ACG is always present to satisfy the demands of the market and the final customer, from definition of the project conditions to selection of the materials and qualified suppliers, construction in accordance with the highest quality standards and international specifications and delivery and testing of the system.

After Sales

We offer our customers an efficient after sales service managed by a dedicated office divided into technical assistance and spare parts.

Spare Parts

We have an office dedicated to management of spare parts, which can be shipped worldwide. ACG guarantees readiness and shipment of the material according to the times requested by the customer.


We refurbish and maintain existing systems that require a technological or regulatory update with state-of-the-art solutions. We restore obsolete systems that have reached the end of their life cycle, always with the aim of reducing costs and improving productivity and performance of the existing system.

Technical assistance

We provide our customers with remote technical assistance free of charge, and also the possibility of sending the system operating data once a month to a dedicated address, in order to monitor performance constantly and intervene if necessary, both with a technician on board ship and with supply of the spare parts needed for any repair. In addition to its technicians in Italy for interventions in the EU, ACG also has an extensive network of Service Stations in China, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates and South America, guaranteeing coverage worldwide.